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Whittam Brand
Precision Rules (Rulers)
made to any length!

We specialize in manufacturing extra long rulers.

Our custom extra long rulers are made per customers' exact specifications to the required length. We are capable of manufacturing sections up to 132" long which can be accurately joined together to any length.  The high accuracy is maintained over longer distances  by joining the ends precision ground for butting  within  .025mm (0.001").


Whether you need...
...tool joint identifiers, medical rulers, calibrated certified rulers traceable to NIST, industrial stainless steel rulers, extra long rulers made to any length, architect rulers, ratio rulers, scale rulers, aluminum rulers, brass rulers, flexible stainless steel rulers with cork backing, ruler gages, protractors, digital calipers, analog calipers, verniers, vernier scales, graduated segments, circular divided scales, machine dials, index rings, shrink rulers (rules), straight edges, trade show promotional rulers, give away custom rulers, advertising rulers, logo promotional rulers, personalized rulers, custom printed rulers, custom imprinted rulers, business promotional rulers, promotional marketing rulers, corporate promotional rulers, engineer's rulers, machinist's rulers,  or rulers of any kind...  we make them all!


Exceptional Quality


Long tradition of craftsmanship


Our aim is to satisfy the unique measuring needs of our valued customers!