X-Ray (Scanogram) Rulers

X-Ray (radiopaque/scanogram) rulers
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We have developed special radio opaque (scanogram) radiology rulers which register clearly on an x-ray film. The rulers come in two lengths - 30 cm and 130 cm. They are 38 mm wide, and are precisely engraved in 1 mm increments for accurate reading.  The finished scales come inserted in plastic pouches for protection.  A 1/4" hole above the 130 cm mark is provided for hanging when the longer ruler is not in use.

30 cm ruler @ $195.00 each
130 cm ruler @ $395.00 each

X-Ray ruler and the image on film

Placed next to the object being x-rayed, they make an excellent measurement tool for any radiology department.
Actual x-ray film with our rulers in use at one of the hospitals.

Standard 130 cm X-Ray Ruler in use

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We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express

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