Promote your business with your company's name, slogan, contact information
on a ruler
to your design!

All rulers are made
exactly to your specifications!

High quality, competitive prices, fast delivery time, individually wrapped. 

We will do the artwork
for your approval
prior to production!

Architect Custom Imprinted Rulers

 Most of our standard rulers can be imprinted with architect scales/ratios.  You can choose typical architect scales or custom scales per your specifications.  On a triangular ruler, we can leave one of the scales off for logo, etc...


   Modern Aluminum Triangular  Architect Ruler - imprint on 6 edges    (available in 4", 6" and 12" lengths)

 Intercontinental Extruded Aluminum Architect Ruler    (choices: silver or gold anodized)      more>>>

Clark Transfer 6"               +ZOOM
Architect Ruler (white PVC)


Clasic Door Scale Ruler     +ZOOM
(white PVC) 12"


Durland Van Voorhis 6"      +ZOOM
Architect Ruler (Stainless Steel)


Vista Architect 6"               +ZOOM
Ruler (Stainless Steel)

Be original, design your unique ruler!  We can help!


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