Promote your business with your company's name, slogan, contact information
on a ruler
to your design!

All rulers
are made
exactly to your specifications!

High quality, competitive prices, fast delivery time, individually wrapped. 

We will do
the artwork
for your approval
prior to production!

Tool Join Identifiers
without nozzle gauge

X-Ref Wire Gaga (Gauge)
X-Ref Wire Gage

Cormack cap and bottle gage
Cormack cap & bottle gage

Gauge for sorting peas

Grace-Darex custom gage
Grace Darex packaging gage

Hydro-Dyne custom gage
Hydro-Dyne custom gage

Fastec Industrial custom gage
Fastec Indstrial custom gage

Stober Motor Gage
Stober custom motor gage

Depth Gage
Glidwell depth gage

PGA Grip and Shaft Gage
PGA grip and shaft gage
Tool Joint Identifier
Tool Joint Identifier with Depth Gauge

Tool Joint Identifier w/o Depth Gauge

Gauge - Ruler Combinations

Tool Joint Identifier

Be original,
      design your unique
           ruler-gauge combination! 
                                                     We can help!

Tool Joint Identifier which can be supplied with or without a depth gauge.

We will make a gauge-ruler combination to your exact
design!  Please send us a sketch with measurements and
we will produce a drawing.  Tell us what you would like to
see on the front and back.  We will work with you to arrive
at exactly what you need.

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