Various Ratio Scale Rulers
that can be totally customized to suit your needs....

RS-OM-01 Multi-ratio/scale set of rulers made of white PVC can accommodate up to 10 different scales of your choice held together with a pin.  Individual rulers fold down into a protective PVC cover which provides a convenient surface for your logo, address, phone number, etc...

The outside dimensions are 188mm x 20mm x 5mm.  Individual ruler width is 19mm, thickness is 0.5mm and lengths are 181mm,  177mm, 173mm, 170mm and 165mm

   RS-OM-03 Extruded rounded surface ruler, made of white ABS
   comes in 2 lengths: 6" & 12".  It can be custom silk screen imprinted
   with your required scales on four edges plus your logo,
   phone number, website address, etc...

Picture of Un-Flat Ruler for Model No OM-03



     RS-OM-03-150   6"/15cm    195mm x 35.2mm x 4cm 
     RS-OM-03-300  12"/30cm    345mm x 35.2mm x 4cm


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