Our highest quality stainless steel Tool Joint Identifiers are precision etched with markings per API tables/ DCDMA standards to give you accurate reading.

All text and graduations are deeply etched and filled with black enamel to give you a durable gauge on which the graphics and markings will not easily rub off with use.

We offer standard ("off the shelf); and personalized Tool Joint Identifiers with your Logo/Imprint either in black or in color.

Black logos and text as well as most color logos are etched for durability.

We can accommodate for shape of your logo and length of text by re-positioning the layout on the front of the ruler at no additional charge.

We offer full ruler design services which are included in the price.

Tool Joint Identifier
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Stock Tool Joint Identifiers with Depth Gauge

Tool Joint Identifiers

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Stock Tool Joint Identifiers w/o Depth Gauge


One often comes across undefined tool joints. Tool joint thread identification is normally stamped on the tool joint. If that stamp is worn or is not present, you need specific information to determine the tool joint identification. Tool Joint Identifier will assist you in determining the thread.

The end profiles on this gauge will help you determine the number of threads per inch in the pin or box. Use calipers to measure the diameter at base on the pin. Transfer this measurement onto the gauge and quickly determine the type of joint. The numerals following the type of joint on joint tool identifier indicates the number of threads per inch. To identify the type of box, hold this gauge to the counterbore opening and read the corresponding graduation on the tool joint identifier. Be sure the corresponding threads per inch are also correct.

Tool Joint Identifiers

Tool Joint Identifier

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Tool Joint Identifier which can be supplied with or without a depth gauge.

Schlenker Enterprises Ltd. offer Tool Joint Identifier with and without the depth gauge. The depth gauge does not obscure thread gauge markings. The dimensions of the thread ruler itself are:
215mm x 25.4mm x 0.5mm (8.46" x 1" x 0.02").

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